Stephen Cameron About

Hybrid Vision is the work of photographer, Stephen Cameron.

With a degree in multimedia and over 10 years experience as a professional website developer and designer, Stephen brings a unique mixture of strong technical ability combined with creative flair to his photographs — a hybrid vision...

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Stephen has been fortunate to travel extensively from a young age. He has lived on three continents and now resides in sunny Brisbane, Australia. The experiences gained while traveling have given Stephen an appreciation for the world and a curiosity for everything around him.

Stephen's photographic journey began in 2000 with the acquisition of a digital camera prior to a round-the-world trip. Several thousand photos later, he was hooked. Since then, photography has become a true passion and core of daily life. Stephen is rarely seen without his camera nearby.

Hybrid Vision is focused on providing a complete range of photographic services. Stephen's major areas of interest lie in automotive, music, travel, fashion and action photography.

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